Here we do things differently. We're a brand. But at our core, we're a social enterprise. We live to serve our mission. To share, celebrate & help the beauty of cultures around the world. When you buy a Live Love bracelet, you help us make our mission come to life. 

Find our projects below, ongoing, and upcoming.

The Good News Project

A newsletter, and soon a website, grouping good world news. Destined to make you smile and give you energy to be the best and most creative version of you. 

The Live Love Ambassador Program

We now have Live Love communities in +36 cities around the world. They're all started by volunteers, and essentially are social media channels curating the best of places and faces in every town. Creating communities of Love. Calling upon volunteers to help the environment, hunger, poverty and people in need 4 times a year in each city. We're working on a system to help empower our ambassadors and to grow our communities around the world. 


The Live Love Festival

Our dream is to invite you all to celebrate cultures of the world and meet in person. We're working on a huge Live Love Festival. News to come soon. 

The Live Love Book

We have so many photos of so many cities! It's time to create a book retracing the story of Live Love through citizen-journalism. 

The Live Love Show

We'd like to come to cities around the world carrying the magic of many cities around the world. The Live Love Show is an interactive exhibition based on crowdsourced content that recreates many environments in one.